Charlie Vitolo Introduction


Hey everyone! I know I am very late with this and getting started with the class, but I had some very unfortunate circumstances arise and due to the gratitude of Professor Romanow I have been able to be given a crack at catching up and participating in the class.

I am a Senior, well post-senior now, Communications Major. I walked at Graduation on May 20 but have a few more requirements to fill before I actually receive my real diploma. I have taken numerous film classes as electives though as overall I enjoy the field very much.

I am from Stamford, CT just 10 minutes or so outside of New York (yeah that annoying traffic zone for all you NY/NJ commuters). I also have some hands on filming experience in other classes so I looked forward to analyzing the infinite amount of YouTube videos that we have at our disposal. Mostly all of my catch up work is complete so I will be transferring it all from Word to the blog this afternoon so don’t be surprised if you get a response from me today! I look forward to working with you all and getting to the bottom of  these videos while communicating with each other.


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